• Founded 2003
  • Principals | Simone Goring Devaney & Charles E. King
  • 50+ Years of Real Estate Experience
  • 25+ Advisory Clients 
  • Approx. $500+ Million Development Projects Value
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Founded in 2003, CSG Urban Partners, LLC (CSG) is a full-service real estate advisory and development firm. Headquartered in the District of Columbia, CSG is a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE).   The firm is a minority- and woman-owned business with over fifty years of combined real estate industry experience among its founders. CSG brings broad expertise, experiences and superior qualifications to all of its business activities.

CSG’s EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE guarantees RESULTS and the firm’s numerous real estate consulting engagements and commercial development successes demonstrate our VALUE.

CSG provides real estate strategic planning, deal structuring, project management and other advisory services to non-profit organizations, churches, religious organizations, and private and public entities. CSG also intrinsically understands the challenges private and public entities often encounter when staying true to their mission/objective while trying to capitalize on the value of its real estate assets.

We also develop commercial real estate projects in strategic partnership with large-scale real estate developers. It is our mission to capitalize on unique and catalytic urban commercial real estate opportunities. While private sector-minded, we understand the importance of developments benefiting community residents. CSG aggressively monitors local community and political concerns to ensure strong stakeholder support of these projects. We are also strongly committed to creating economic opportunities for other minority businesses.